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Chemical Name: Tetramethyl thiuram monosulfide

TMTM Accelerator
Chemical CompositionTetramethyl thiuram monosulfide

No odor or taste. Specific gravity: ...
Chrome Oxide Green 99%
Is widely used as colorant of coatings, plastics, rubber, cement, building material and so on.

Chrome Oxide Green 99%
Me oxide is widely used as ...
Properties: Colorless, transparent, odorless, viscous liquid, sweet, with moisture absorption.
Density: 1.25
Melting point: 18° C
Boiling point: 290° C
Flash point: ...
Best quality with competitive price
High purity 90%
Mainly used in paint, printing ink, rubber, plastics, stationery industry
Medium chrome yellow have high heat ...

ProductName: Medium Chrome Yellow
Other Names: Pigment Yellow 34
MF: PbCrO4

Product Characteristics: Chrome Yellow is a natural yellow pigment made of lead(II) ...
Min. Order: 10 t
Stearic Acid
1, Stearic Acid
2, CAS No.: 57-11-4
3, HS Code: 3823110000
4, Type: Stearic Acid 200, 400, and 800

Properties: Shaped like Lump, flake; Saturated fatty acid ...
Usage: In smelting of metal chrome, as coloring agent of chrome carbide, enamel, glass, artificial leather and building material, as organic synthetic catalyst, in making of ...
Molecular formula: (NH4)3PO4
Colorless crystal or white powder

Molecular formula: (NH4)3PO4
Colorless crystal or white powder

Properties: ...
1. Condensed Aluminum Phosphate
Condensed Aluminum Phosphate is mostly used as binder and curing agent in the production of hi-temp refractory materials for kiln.

2. It also ...
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We are one of leading manufacturer of Chromic Acid from China. The detail specification is as follow:
CrO3: ...
Gum rosin also called colophony, is a solid form of resin obtained from pines and some other plants, mostly conifers, produced by heating fresh liquid resin to vaporize the ...
1. Prilled urea full soluble
2. Nitrogen 46%min Biuret1.0max
3. Moisture 0.5%max
4. Particle size 0.85-2.80mm 90%min
5. Timely delivery
6. Mostly used as nitrogen ...
Name: Ultramarine blue / PB 29 / pigment blue 29 alias: Sodium Alumino Sulphosilicate
Chemical properties: Formula: Na6Al4Si6S4O20 Molecular weight: 862.60578
Physical ...
Property: Potassium nitrate used for agriculture also named Water flush fertilizer, it is white powder or crystal, containing 13.5% N and 44.5% K2O. It is a kind of soluble high ...
Ferric Chloride Anhydrous
CAS No: 7705-08-0
EINECS NO: 231-729-4
Molecular Formula: FeCl3
Molecular weight: 162.21
UN No.: 1773
Appearance: Brown crystal
Specification of ...
1) Purity%: 98.0Min
Moisture%: 0.20 Max
Water soluble matter%: 0.30Max
Oil-absorption (g/100g) %: 15-20
Tinting strength%: 95-105
Residue on 600 meshes%: 0.30% Max

2) ...
1. Product Name: Supply Sodium Bicarbonate 99%(food grade)
2. Characteristics:
White powder or tiny crystalls, nodorousand salty, easily soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol, ...

ProductName: Ammonium chloride
Molecular formula: NH4Cl
Molecular weight: 53.49
Appearance: White crystal powder

Properties: Colorless crystalline or white ...
The product is white crystal or power with inodorous or slight sweetness,
As a kind of sweet taste agent it is widely used in foods instead of sugar.
Mesh Size: ...
English Name: Lithopone(B301 B311)
Molecular formula: ZnBaSO4.
Nature: Also know as zinc barium white. Non-toxic white powder, do not dissolve in water, and acid decomposition ...
Min. Order: 1 FCL
Property: Dark blue powder, brilliant luster, strong coloring power.
Uses: Used in paint, ink and coating industry.
Package and Specification: Come to an agreement according to ...

Product Names: Ammonium sulfate
Molecular formula: NH4K(SO4)2.12H2O
Molecular weight: 237.1452
Appearance: White crystal or granular

Usage: Used in water ...
Min. Order: 1 FCL
Classification: Ketone CAS No.: 78-93-3 Other Names: Methyl ethyl retone
MF: CH3 CH2 C O C H3
Min. Order: 10 mt
General Description CAS No. 57-11-4
Stearic Acid is Shaped like Lump, flake; Saturated fatty acid mainly with C16 and C18, white flake solid at ambient temperature, not dissolved ...
FOB Price: US $1,000 / Mt
Min. Order: 10 mt