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Molecular formular:C2H2O4
Molecular weight:90.03
Nature:General oxalate crystallization of water containing two elements, is a colorless crystal
Transparency, its crystal ...
Product Name: Carbon Black
Specifications: Amorphous black solid
Types: Carbon Black N220 N330 N550 N660
Uses: Rubber Industry, such as Tyres, Cable, Tape, etc

Applications: ...
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Detail: In small bags or jumbo bags; Bags with inner liner; Net weight in 25kg/50kg/50lb/2000lb/1000kg/1100kg/40*25kg etc; With pallets or loose in ...
1. Iron oxdied red
2. For high quality paints
3. Coloring agent in chemical industry
4. Chemical stability
5. Strong tintin
6. Powder with bright colour, resistance to acids ...
Zinc oxide
Zinc Oxide Specifications:90%/ 95% 99%/ 99.5%/ 99.7%
Offer group:Oxide
Molecular formula:ZnO
Zinc Oxide CAS No:1314-13-2
Offer group:Oxide
Molecular formula:ZnO ...
Iron Oxide Red 130
CAS No: 1309-37-1
Molecular Formula: Fe2O3
Molecular weight: 159.69
1. Properties
1) brilliantly colored powder. Eye-pleasing and durable.
2)Strong ...
1. Used for production of stearic acid salts
2. Used on plastics, rubber, paper, cosmetics
3. Two appearence: Flake, granule
4. Characteristics and Uses:
1)In rubber industry: ...
Min. Order: 10 mt

Product: Aluminium Sulphate
Chemical Formula: Al2(SO4)3
CAS No: 10043-01-3
Appearance: White Flake or Blocks or Powder
Packing: 25/50 kgs in net bag, 23MT/20′FCL ...
Min. Order: 10 t
Mol Weight: 179.45
Odour: Odourless
Density: 3.28
Solubility in Water: 30%
Boiling Point: 740 C (Decomposes)
Appearance: White Crystalline powder or Granula
Property: White, ...
Packing: 25kg/ PP, the type of product 15.8% / 17%, delivery port: Xingang.

The Spectification:
AI203 %: 16.00Min
Fe%: 0.0070Max
Water Insoluble %: 0.30Max
pH Value: 3.0Min ...
Chrome Oxide Green
Packing: 25kg/PP, The type of product is 99%, Delivery port: Xingang.

The Spcification:
Chrome Oxide Green XY-01: ...
CAS No.: 13463-67-7
Molecular Formula: Tio2
Properties: Titanium Dioxide Anatase Type B101, white powder, non-toxic, stable chemical property, the surface is coating processed ...
Rutile Type
Content% ---------------------------------------------- 93Min
Tint Reducing Power% ---------------------------- 100 Min
Oil Absorption (g/<100g>) ...
Shanxi Ju hui international trading Co., Ltd. Shanxi is a production and sales of integrated enterprise.

Shanxi ju hui international trading Co., Ltd. is a collection of ...
It is the main raw materials for the production of soap; In the papermaking industry, it can dissolve the impurity of the wood pulp, so that the pure fibre can be available the ...
Packing: 25kg/PP The content or specification: 95%/98% Delivery port: Xingang
The Specification:
Pentaerythritol %--------------------------------------- 98 Min
Hydroxyl Value ...
Properties: Yellow, heavy powder, poison! Indissoluble in water and alcohol


Items Specifications
Content of lead monoxide(PbO)% 99.6 Min
Content of lead ...
Packing: 25kg/ PP bag, 22MT/20FCL the types of product: 28% / 30%, delivery port: Xingang.

Code: 3206.4210
NO.: 1345-05-7
Formular: ZnS BaSO4
Packing: 25kg/ PP bag, 20MT/20FCL The type of product: Low, medium, high CAS No.: 9004-32-4 Molecular Formula: [C6H702(OH)2OC2COONa]


ProductName: Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)
MF: TiO2
Type: Rutitle titanium dioxide

Properties: It is white powder, insoluble in water, non-toxic, chemically extremely ...
Min. Order: 1 FCL
Packing: 25kg/PP Content or specification: 99.6%, Delivery port: Xingang.
The Specification:
Total Acidity %-------------------------------------- 99.6 Min
Ash ...
Caustic Soda flakes
Molecular Formula: NaOH
Quality of Standard: GB/209-93 Molecular Weight: 40.00

Caustic soda flakes
We supply caustic soda flakes 99%, premium quality.
1, Lithopone B301 B311 28%-30%
2, High quality, Competitive price
3, Well-used in paint-making, printing ink, plastics, leather, PVC

Lithopone B301 B311

1, Product ...
Classification Alcohol
CAS No. 56-81-5
Other Names Glycerin
EINECS No. 200-289-5
Place of Origin Tianjin, China (Mainland)
Grade Standard Industrial Grade ...